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Team Name: Better Health

Project Name: Better health through data
The project will create an app called “Better Heath”.
An internet enabled device for patient use in healthcare facilities (e.g. waiting rooms, residential facilities, etc.) will host the Better Health app.
Within the application, there will be links to the facility’s services so that patients can learn more about support available and make bookings. On the homepage there will be ad sections used to promote community activities, businesses, and places of interest. The application will also contain links to view local air quality and weather; Asthma sufferers could make sure they have an asthma plan in place.
The app uses statistics from recent government data sources to increase public awareness; such as 441 deaths were due to asthma in 2017, it provides helpful information, and positive images to encourage and empower.
The app uses a bootstrap website template from W3schools and will have pages to suit community needs such as COVID-19, Aged Care, Asthma, Mental Health and Vulnerable Communities.

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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Description of Use Used link for a-z topics Used images from pdf of Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia: continuing the national story 2019

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Safe Steps

Description of Use Used a link on a Vulnerable Community webpage.

Data Set

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