ISSP2007: Leisure Time and Sports I

Region: Aotearoa - New Zealand

Description: Leisure time: activities and satisfaction. The meaning of time and leisure, and its relation to work and other spheres of life. Sport/game activities and subjective functions of sport and games. Sociological aspects of sports. Social and political participation. Social determinants and consequences of leisure. Frequency of leisure activities in respondent’s free time; main purpose of free time activities; enjoyment from reading books, getting together with friends, taking part in physical activities, and watching TV or DVDs; motivation for leisure time activities: establishing useful contacts, relaxing, and developing skills in free time. Frequency of feeling bored, feeling rushed, and thinking about work during free time; preference for sharing time with other people or being alone; wishes for: more time in a paid job, more time doing household work, more time with family, and more time in leisure activities; number of nights the respondent stayed away from home for holiday or social visits; days of leave from work; most frequent exercises or physical activity.


Team Projects Utilising ISSP2007: Leisure Time and Sports I

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