Coastal Extreme Waves

Region: Aotearoa - New Zealand

Description: Extreme wave indexes estimate the occurrence of extreme wave events in coastal and oceanic waters. Extreme wave indexes estimate the number of times a significant wave height exceeds one of three threshold values for at least 12 hours in 24 marine regions. The three wave-height thresholds are four metres, six metres, and eight metres. This indicator estimates the exceedances of wave-height thresholds for each year from 2008 to 2015 in coastal areas. Significant wave height is a measure of the ‘typical’ wave height in a place over a time period. It is four times the standard deviation of the water surface if, for example, you were to measure water moving up and down a jetty piling for an hour. The largest individual wave will typically have a height around twice the significant wave height.


Team Projects Utilising Coastal Extreme Waves

No team projects utilising this data set currently.