Auckland Cycle Facility Network

Region: Aotearoa - New Zealand

Description: The ACN has been divided into three categories reflecting their function. This three-layered approach will provide a quality, robust and connected network that will make cycling a more attractive and feasible everyday transport option for all. They are: Cycle Metros – Provide regional links connecting metropolitan centres, public transport interchanges and other key regional destinations. They provide the highest level of service. Many of these routes are along motorway corridors or rail corridors. Cycle Connectors – Provide links to the cycle metros and key local destinations (e.g. public transport interchanges, town centres, residential areas, schools). They are often along arterial roads and some are along collector roads. Cycle Feeders – Provide neighbourhood access and links to the cycle connectors and cycle metros, key community facilities, schools, parks and reserves, and local services. The feeder network often aligns with the local board’s greenways.


Team Projects Utilising Auckland Cycle Facility Network

No team projects utilising this data set currently.