South Australian Community Services Directory

Region: South Australia

Description: Listing over 14,000 South Australian Community Services with smaller data subsets for councils such as Mount Gambier and Campbelltown. Includes information on organisations providing services for the local community for assistance and to encourage social participation in areas such as the arts, sport, recreation, health, welfare, housing, education and more. Data file format is CSV, JSON, Excel, license is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence and is divided into multiple fields with service contact information, geospatial and location information, accessibility for wheelchairs, opening hours and meeting times as well as service descriptions, and indexed by categories, and key subject terms. The fields listed are: ID; Organisation Name; Street Address; Suburb; State; Post Code; Postal Address, Postal Suburb, Postal State, Post code; Website #1 #2 #3 Geo Code 1; Geo-code 2; Branch address; Venue Hire; Access; Wheelchair Access (Y/N); Access Toilets (Y/N); Disability Parking (Y/N); Hours; Meetings; AGM; Eligibility; Fees; Contact; Email #1 #2, #3; Phone #1 #2 #3; Parent Body; Tag Line; Primary Category; Directory Entry #1 #2 #3; Services list; ABN ; Organisation Created Date; Organisation Last Updated;


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