DOC CMS Visitor Management Zones

Region: Aotearoa - New Zealand

Description: This dataset contains visitor management zones (VMZ) for public conservation land, as defined in the Conservation Management Strategy documents since 2012. The zones attribute public conservation land with a ‘recreation class’ that defines the type of experience the topography and accessibility imply. The visitor management zones are defined for the administrative area that each Conservation Management Strategy is written for. The data is originally based on an implementation of the Recreational Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) model (Taylor, 1993), which incorporates ‘the activity, the setting and the experience’ of an area to produce a classification of the opportunity that the area offers. This data was adapted to form this more applicable, regionally focused visitor management zone dataset.The dataset is primarily for cartographic purposes and should not be used for legal definition. The public conservation land that the visitor management zones are based on are valid as of the date identified in the data.The visitor management zones defined in this dataset need to be taken in context of the relevant Conservation Management Strategy document.


Team Projects Utilising DOC CMS Visitor Management Zones

No team projects utilising this data set currently.