NPWS Fire History - Wildfires and Prescribed Burns

Region: New South Wales

Description: FireHistory is a feature class that holds final fire boundaries for every year for which there is data. Within the feature class are two subtypes Wildfire (FireType 1) and Prescribed Burn (FireType 2). The polygons are mutually exclusive within each year and they often extend outside NPWS Estate. Fire history is captured by all regions within NPWS. At times data captured by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Forestry Corporation NSW are imported into this GDB also. The data are now stored centrally in ArcSDE. Enhance Bushfire Management Program (EBMP) Technical Officers collate, update and amend branch data using versions from ArcSDE.


Team Projects Utilising NPWS Fire History - Wildfires and Prescribed Burns

No team projects utilising this data set currently.