Victoria Future Urban Structure Land Use

Region: Victoria

Description: Each PSP describes the planned land uses for new development in specific parts of Melbourne’s Growth Areas. The official Future Urban Structure (FUS) plan for any individual area is contained in the approved PSP documents incorporated into the relevant municipal planning schemes for that area. The Victorian Planning Authority’s (VPA’s) FUS LandUse data has been generated by amalgamating individual PSP data. Various PSPs have been generated over many years and by different organisations and processes. This FUS data is therefore a simplified combination of data that originally comprised different formats and structures. The VPA’s FUS LandUse data has no official status and is provided solely to assist in land use planning in areas within or adjacent to areas with completed PSP, and should be treated as having been provided for general information purposes only. The VPA aims to update data shortly after the gazettal of a completed PSP. The FUS LandUse layer contains only data for Approved and Gazetted PSPs. The full data description and metadata can be found here -


Team Projects Utilising Victoria Future Urban Structure Land Use

No team projects utilising this data set currently.