Libraries Tasmania Digitised Archives

Region: Tasmania

Description: Find information about the libraries, heritage sites, etc. 1. Libraries Tasmania's collection of digitised archives including files, letters, manuscripts, maps, plans, photographs films and more. 2. The aim of the eHeritage project, over 2001 to 2012, was to accelerate the use of technology and innovation across the Tasmanian local history and heritage community to make their identity, collections and services more visible and known. It enabled these organisations to digitise and web publish descriptions (and often images) of their collections and information resources. The primary output was the eHeritage website at which 30 organisations regularly added descriptions and images. The data was presented at the website under 4 key fields: Title Objects Subjects Institution This is represented in the structure of the open data sets. The website was archived in 2013. By then 26,317 rows of raw data had been created that describe items held in cultural collections across Tasmania. Another 99,704 records were created that relate specifically to the location of gravesites across Tasmania along with transcriptions of the details recorded on tombstones at the sites and often an image as well. 3. Digital Earth Australia manages a cloud based service that makes use of open source software and open standards to deliver satellite imagery to its clients. In conjunction with Frontier SI and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Geoscience Australia’s Digital Earth Australia project has developed a cloud architecture that utilizes the Open Data Cube (ODC) to deliver Earth Observation (EO) data through Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) API standards, interactive Jupyter notebooks and direct file access.​ This infrastructure enables EO data to be used to make decisions by industry and government partners, and reduces the time required to deliver new EO data products. ​ To store the data, DEA utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) Object store: Simple Storage Service (S3) to hold an archive of Cloud Optimised GeoTIFFs (COGs). ​ This data is indexed by Open Data Cube (ODC) an open source python library. DEA deploy processing, visualisation and analysis applications that make use of the indexed data. This method reduces the duplication of code and effort and creates an extensible framework for delivering data.


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