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Swarm is an application built to help identify and avoid areas of high community transmission. Swarm lets you know where the crowds are gathering so that you can more effectively social distance. The app is easy to use and easy to understand. As well as helping to stamp out Covid-19 from our com...

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In a COVID world, where face-to-face contact may not always possible, how do we ensure that individuals can get the support they need in times of uncertainty? MyMSDChat is a chatbot solution to help Work and Income New Zealand cope with increased demand on their resources, and gather data abo...

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To say 2020 has been a challenging year would be an understatement! We’ve seen in our communities that some people are struggling more than others; with about one quarter of kiwis struggling to find government covid information, with a large factor being an excess amount of information. To stay a...

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local 4U

2020 has challenged the human race, the Corona Virus has ripped into the very core of who we are and how we go about our lives. In such times there needs to be great learnings to help make sense of this period and to heal and mend. Senior members of our community have struggled through this pe...

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# AutoTrace ## What is this app? AutoTrace is made as an extension to the current NZ COVID tracker app. Due to the manual nature of using the app on public transport, incorporating AutoTrace to the already existing NZ tracing app, would allow for the app to track when you get on and off of ...

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Covid Song

This is a kids song about Covid to encourage hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing We created this song as a way to help kids learn the things they need to do during covid to stay safe and happy. We have 5 pages of kids story book and some music to sing along too linked here along...

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