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The Lucky Country

The producers of The Lucky Country acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Lands on which this work was develop on and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging. The Lucky Country is a text based digital artwork examining Australia's collective views of our First Nations and mult...

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Bias Catcher

The language that is used, verbally or in text, strongly influences our thoughts and actions. Certain words or phrases can create and perpetuate biases, unwittingly or deliberately. Biases that constrains or diminishes the worth, value, inclusiveness or potential of other human beings only serv...

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For the Record

#### Team Members<br> **Marcela** - Team leader, Programmer (Python) and data processor **Liam** - Programmer (Python, typescript, C++) **Leonard** - Data processor, project flow multi-tasker, the little bits **Jerem** - Video/Audio creator **Claudia** - Creative skills: artist /...

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Language of Power

Insights from the Thaum AI team. We ran our NLP model on over 150,000 transcripts of Australian politicians and generated visualisations that display sentiment (emotional tone) of public discourse in marginal topics. We hope that with this information and AI Driven Knowledge Base we can be mo...

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Dear Diary

An App called "Dear Diary", for the school going population, that analyses a child mental health and behavior, and decides games and studies on the basis of his/her/their mental health and peer data.

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