Unified GTFS-R Feed for Transport Canberra

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Project Description

This is a proposal for Transport Canberra showing proof of concept on how SIRI can be transformed to GTFS, and how a unified GTFS can be made available to third parties.

Data Story

This project is a classic Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process which can be implemented in any platform. Essentially, it is GTFS + SIRI (where SIRI is converted to GTFS) = unified GTFS feed, or alternatively, it can be SIRI + GTFS (where GTFS is converted to SIRI) = unified SIRI feed via RESTful API. The key is the mapping of data from two disparate sources of different formats to a unified specification, and this project illustrates how it can be done.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Translation Software: An Alternative to Transit Data Standards

Description of Use Used as reference material in the SIRI-GTFS mapping exercise.

Data Set

A Transmodel-based XML schema for the Google Transit Feed Specification - With a GTFS / Transmodel comparison

Description of Use Used as reference material in the GTFS-SIRI mapping exercise.

Data Set

ACT Government NXTBUS Developer's API Reference

Description of Use This is used as reference and baseline to map SIRI data elements with GTFS-R specifications.

Data Set

Canberra Metro Light Rail Transit Feed - Vehicle Updates (Realtime)

Description of Use Used to visualise a sample GTFS-R feed which is then mapped to the GTFS-R standard specification.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Canberra Bouncing Back - Better real time transport data for Canberra

Transport Canberra is responsible for administering both the ACTs bus and light rail services. One challenge is that the Real Time Passenger Information System (RTPIS) on buses (NXTBUS) was established in 2011, while the Light Rail RTPIS was introduced in 2019. The challenge of delivering an integrated transport network is diverse, but the data challenge that presents is that the NXTBUS system produces a SIRI standard and the Light Rail system produces a newer GTFS-R feed.

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