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Engaging communities in hazard reporting & safety

The annual rate of Cyclone, Bushfire, Flood and Storm events across Australia have been increased Year on Year. Studies shows that, it has increased by 100% - 300% since 2001.
We know that in order to better prepare and deal with natural disasters we need to provide communities with clear warnings of natural hazards, improve communication channels and reach-ability to local volunteers in case of any emergencies.

In a crisis, one of the hardest things to manage is coordination of the impacted civilian and volunteers. Making sure there is reliable and safe communication between parties is critical, and not always possible in natural disasters like bush-fires, flood and storm when normal communication modes aren’t possible.
Our Defenders app is here to bridge this gap and connect volunteers to people or situation where help is needed. Studies show texts to mobile or calls to mobile are much more likely to be attend and acted upon than email/social media notifications.

Our Solution:
Defenders app comes with below features.
 Civilians and Volunteers to registers to this portal to get notifications based on their preferences
 Portal reads feeds from government site/social media (
 Triggers SMS notification to the people / local volunteers registered along with local emergencies teams near to the incident place (upto 100 Kms)
 Studies shows timely notification can potentially reduce mortality rate by 20% to 30%

Currently Defenders app completed development with registration process and notification functionality. Reading feeds from government sites/social media channels is in progress.

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Engaging communities in hazard reporting & safety

How might we better prepare & deal with natural disasters in Australia?

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