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A New Hope

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Dave , Alex , Garry

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Team Members

Garry Yeoh (Captain)
Alex Young
David Nguyen

As a project team, we wanted to not only inform voters of their voting choices but also to be considerate of the greater community needs in terms of the challenges of distance, remote communities, postal system challenges and support for migrant and aboriginal communities.

"Plan your vote" goes beyond presenting options but aims to understand the needs of the voter and to recommend voting options that suits their personal circumstances.

We're designed a user interface that aims to be simple and intuitive for both digital and non-digital users incorporating clear language, large-size fonts, large buttons and multi-lingual support.

As a nod towards future features we included the potential for unbiased candidate information to help inform voters of who the candidates are and the issues that they represent. A "virtual town" can be joined to represent community discussions on candidates and issues.

The app will empower voters and enhance engagement with the voting process across elections.

Data Story

Having a non-technical team we have use the datasets conceptually for the purpose of our submission. We used data sets provided by the Government of Western Australia for the purpose of confirming electorate zones and the location of voting places (including mobile units). For the core mapping experience and average transit times we used a mix of Google API’s including their Transit API and Distance Matrix API. Transperth’s Spatial Data provided a source to gap fill any regional bus/train that may have been missing from Google’s information (which can be spotty outside of metro areas).
Through the development of our concept we realised that there was further data sources that we would have liked to have had access to including location based information such as parking availability and wheelchair access. We require (but couldn’t source) unbiased candidate information apart from scaping from constituent websites.

Overall we didn’t want to provide just a “basic location based mapping function” but the challenge for many voters goes beyond using a map – it’s may also be the challenge of understanding the pros/cons of the different options and the friction involved in 1) finding the information 2) processing it and 3) making a choice that fits their need.

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Transperth Spatial Data

Description of Use Often Google Maps lacks detailed bus/train details for regional areas so our plan is to use this data set to supplement any gaps in the Google Maps SDK and Transit API.

Data Set

State Electorates [Current] (LGATE-069)

Description of Use Electorate boundaries use to confirm whether a customer is within the given district of the polling place (by postcode)

Data Set

SGE 2017 Proposed Ordinary and Mobile Polling

Description of Use This dataset is used to identify the locations of ordinary and mobile polling places as a destination within our solution.

Data Set

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Plan your vote. Here’s how.

‘Plan your way to vote’ – how can we assist voters to identify ways of voting that are convenient for them and match their circumstances?

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