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Dev Kuvavala , Shubham , Tushar , Varun Patel , Bhavik Chugh , Vaibhav , Ankush Jain , Poonam , Ashok and 1 other member with an unpublished profile.

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The Live Job will enhance overall experience the way many job seekers receive services.

  1. The Department of Education, Skills & Employment currently provides a digital service to job seekers, employers and employment services providers. There is a need to significantly improve this service for frictionless experience through Live Job, a more adaptive, responsive and modern technology solution.
  2. The digital platform will build on existing capabilities and bring new capabilities to deliver for the changing needs of all the users (job seekers, employers and employment services providers) using various DPA technologies which includes but not limited to AI, ML, Process Mining, Data Mining, RPA, OCR etc.
  3. Objective of our solution is to combine the effectiveness of traditional website with engagement power of Mobile and digital channels
  4. Employment Service Providers are under tremendous strain, our solution aims to help them with the tools and dashboards to do their job more effectively.
  5. The solution leverages an opportunity to a create a Uber like Crowd sourcing system of ‘Buddies’ to bridge the scarcity of Service Providers and forms a community of Job Seekers
  6. We also would like to expand the ecosystem of Job Market through use of API economy to include more participants (like other Job Portals, universities & companies)

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Data Story

Out of all the Occupation Category Health Professional and Trade Workers are ones where there is more than 90% positions with shortage on Vacancies (Dataset - Ratings Summary – Labor Market Analysis)
2. for all occupation there is significant increases in Internet Advertisement by 2% compared to previous year (Dataset - National occupational cluster reports)
3. Out of 60% Qualified Applicants from Total Applicants only 30% are Suitable for Vacancies. (Dataset - National occupational cluster reports)
4. Overall average 40% of the employer are attracted to suitable applicant for vacancies in various industries (Dataset - National occupational cluster reports)
5. Based on Past month data about 52% job seekers used their smartphones and 26% used laptop to access internet (Dataset - Job Seeker Data)
6. 81 % of Employers from remote and very remote areas willing to recruit while 41% faced recruitment difficulty due to location- Location (Dataset – Employer Survey)
7. Skills play important role as for 56% of employer for Sales and Personal service positions personal qualities was focused over technical skills while for 45% of employer for trade workers position technical skills were of utmost importance (Dataset – Employer Survey)
8. Only 53% Job Seeker used Job Boards and Recruitment Website as recruitment method rest was mostly through social media, WOM and Direct communication (Dataset – Employer Survey)
9. Over the time Social Media become more preferred for Job Search compared to Newspaper as there is decrease in Newspaper recruitment from 13% to 8% while increase in social media recruitment from 7% to 14% (Dataset – Employer Survey)

Evidence of Work


Team DataSets

Job seeker data May 2020

Description of Use This Data helped us identify the internet usage % from various devices across different demographics which in turn helped us ideate our solution platforms

Data Set

Jobs Services Australia Vacancy Data

Description of Use Through this data Job Seekers can see on our page where there is a job vacancy available as per their skill level, Location and area/role of interest. AI/ML tools will run on this data to show just relevant information to the applicant.

Data Set

Job Placements

Description of Use Once applicant has selected for an open vacancy in a portal, this data will help them provide recommendation of buddies (people who already got the job placed using this service in past) which will have similar job and role applicant. These buddies will help the applicant on the process and will reduces some of the load of Service providers.

Data Set

Survey of Employers' Recruitment Experiences

Description of Use This helped us get insight on problem faced by Employer during recruitment and on various other factors in recruitment such as Location relevance in applicant recruitment, skill relevance and popular methods used for recruiting method

Data Set

National, state and territory skill shortage information

Description of Use This data helped us understand why even after having enough vacancies job seekers are not able to get relevant jobs. Through the insights on various Industry and Occupation levels we can identify areas where Applicants are lagging in different job streams and what are the expectations of Employers for applicant suitability. With all this we focused some parts of our solution for skill enhancement of Job Seekers.

Data Set

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Assisting job seekers to take advantage of digital employment services

How might we use our de-identified data on job seekers, and other data that are publicly available, to discover new opportunities for job seekers to best use digital employment services.

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