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Keeping Australians employed has always been a top priority and responsibility of governments, businesses, and job seekers.

JobReady is all about improving the relationships between all those involved in the process from non-profit providers to the local bakery that finds itself understaffed. We strive to do this through leveraging existing jobseeker and employment expenditure data to identify problem areas as well as create meaningful digital tools for both job seekers and employers.

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Data Story

What data sets were used

1. Job seeker data May 2020

This data set contains information on those participating in JobActive and other online employment services. It holds responses to Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) questions such as educational attainment and recent employment activities.

2. Employment Fund Expenditure Data

This data set contains information from 2015 to 2017 on the transactions involving the employment fund and expenditures for job seeker needs. Employment providers request the use of employment fund credits on behalf of job seekers and are reimbursed for these expenditures.

It also contains information on the job seeker's educational attainment, gender, age group, and employment characteristics.

How the data was used

Job seeker data: The idea was to visualise the data using a map graphic to assist job seekers, employers, and government to understand the labour market and be better informed in making decisions. In this way, we were able to summarise key figures and present them in graphs for analysis to then be utilised in JobReady's online implementation. The data was manipulated through Python and pandas library.

Employment fund expenditure data: The expenditure information was graphed to show summary statistics on transactions that occurred through the employment fund pool. This enabled us to draw insights from the data. We also developed a concept of idea to use this data in future by combining it with jobseeker data to provide valuable data sets to decision makers.

What story does it tell

JobActive is an indispensable tool when it comes to connecting job seekers with employment opportunities. We saw a space for an improved user experience and this is what we hope our use of data shows.

JobReady acts as an add-on to JobActive by providing a more engaging user experience with insights for everyone involved in the employment environment, from government, to employers, to job seekers.

Our other efforts in this challenge strive to empower the use of complementary data sets such as the employment fund expenditure data in conjunction with current operational systems such as JobActive to create new ways to transform data.

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Team DataSets

Employment Fund Expenditure Data

Description of Use This data has been analysed to draw insights about employment fund expenditure by providers such as demographics of job seekers and also in concept to use this data in conjunction with jobseeker data to measure productivity of employment expenditures.

Data Set

Job seeker data May 2020

Description of Use This data has been used to create meaningful visualisations and tools to be implemented in the JobActive web app. This includes: data visualisations, concept idea for job matching based on distinct user data to be collected, data to help employers source workers.

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Assisting job seekers to take advantage of digital employment services

How might we use our de-identified data on job seekers, and other data that are publicly available, to discover new opportunities for job seekers to best use digital employment services.

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