Human approach to mobility

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Just me

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Alicja , Tom

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Our project looks at the locations for mobility success in Hobart and draws out some of the challenges for uptake


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Bike parking in Hobart

Description of Use Evidence of bike parking in Hobart

Data Set

Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 - Planning Scheme Boundary

Description of Use Where are businesses in Hobart

Data Set


Description of Use Data used to describe how commuters behave in Australia

Data Set


Data Set

Bicycle network

Description of Use Used to help with understanding of non-car travel

Data Set

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Rethinking mobility for a more accessible Hobart

Micromobility has the potential to reduce Hobart’s congestion. Given Hobart’s topography and location of residential and retail precincts, our challenge is to understand which micromobility vehicles, routes and nodes would be beneficial to making the city quicker to navigate for the largest number of vehicle types and transport users.

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