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Lucy Serret and 3 other members with unpublished profiles.

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The Problem:

Now with the Stage 4 restrictions in place in Victoria due to Covid 19, people are struggling to make creative decisions on what to do with their limited exercise time outside within their 5km radius.

How 'Explore' Solves the Problem

Explore is a mobile app that helps you enjoy your limited time outdoors by bringing daily adventures to your fingertips, whether it be a new walking trail, a bike ride through a new street or even discovering a hidden gem in your locality. Explore has your mental wellbeing at the forefront, removing creative decisions, and allowing you to explore your neighborhood.

Explore integrates with Spotify for you to listen to our curated playlists designed to set the scene whilst you are out exploring.

In addition to all the above, Explore 'gamifies' the whole experience, so you can make the most of your daily outdoor adventure and share your local finds with friends and family.

Key Functionality:

  • Create a new adventure for you every day based on your preferences
  • Support local businesses by discovering hidden gems in your locality
  • Journal your experience and visually track your wellness goals
  • Enables you to help out a small business in your locality

Android App Screens and Navigation


Sketch File: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NRE_uDDPWZB2lZzHktLtnB2ICzL0fEBh?usp=sharing

User Flow Diagram

System Architecture

Explore is powered by AWS using a Serverless Architecture


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Data Story

Explore uses a variety of open data sets that assist the backend processing in determining the nearest parks and trails within their 5km radius.

Evidence of Work



Team DataSets

City of Melbourne Tree Canopies

Description of Use For users that live within the City of Melbourne, the app will be able to show them parks that have a lot of large trees. Forest like areas is a parameter of the type of route a user would like to visit.

Data Set

BOM Weather Short Form Forecasts

Description of Use Real-time weather data would allow the app to notify the user if a change in weather is coming to either shorten or delay their hour of activity. It would also be used as a way of encouraging users to leave the house for some activity.

Data Set

How far is 5km from your home?

Description of Use The radius can be web-scraped to identify the boundary radius depending on the users home location. The radius would act as a boundary to determine a route for the user to use.

Data Set

GreenSpace Facilities within Victoria via MyVictoria

Description of Use By ticking the 'Greenspace' checkbox within the section 'Culture, sport and community', the map shows the GreenSpace spaces within the Glen Huntly suburb. This can be checked for each subub within Victoria. GreenSpace areas provide our app 'Explore' with park data which is a key component to its purpose. Our app provides users with places to visit for a type of mood so for example, a user may be looking for a quiet walk within a garden. So the app could use the data set to identify a green space nearby for them to walk through and experience.

Data Set

Challenge Entries

Find hidden gems within COVID-19 lockdown

The new restrictions on movement in Melbourne have caused increased stress for Victorians. How can we use currently available datasets to show our fellow Australians what is already available for their quality of life within their 5km radius?

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