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CovidSafe Network

It is a micro-coupon social network application that allow businesses to promote and engage their product and services with their potential customers safely. Customers buy products and services with peace of mind.

How does it work

Busineses sign up on the application and verify themself and place their store QR Code at the front of the shop, customer signup on the application and when they visit store, customer scan QR code at their arrival and enter buy products and services with peace of mind,

During scanning QR Code, businesses can provide their promotion code to engage customer to signup on the application and scan.

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#social engagement #local business growth #covid-19 #covidsafe

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Enter the shop

I have to fill my names every single time when I visiting the shop, and I don't know where my data goes. What they can do with my data?

So if this application verify by Gov. And we use data to support businesses in the good way, this can be huge benefit to the local businesses and customers.

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