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Do you know with every minutes delay in treatment, the risk to the patient is increased by 10 %? CodeBlue identified the gap in health emergency coverage in Tasmania, and have decided to design a program that involves mobile application and mobile workshop to proactively tackle and minimise the risk of delayed treatment.

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First of all, we use the location of Ambulance Stations to pin point the location of the stations. And we compare that with PHIDU- obesity distribution in Tasmania statewide. We found that there are limited coverage in areas with over 30% obesity rate. Then, we use the speed limits graph to calculate the optimum coverage of the ambulance within 8, 10, and 12 minutes distance.

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Ambulance Station Layer

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Speed Limits (on State Highways and Subsidiary Roads)

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SA2 Chronic Disease - Modelled Estimate 2011-2013

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