m4 - Add Macro Power to Boost any Programming Language

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29 July 2020

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07:00PM AEST

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08:00PM AEST

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Add macro power to boost any programming language

Ever find yourself using repetitive code because your language does not have the built-in goodies to enable you to make things as modular as they should be?

Tired of the performance drag of function calls in loops? Yuk! You have nostalgia of using well designed languages like C that have built-in macros with the preprocessor, and find yourself in panic while struggling through the horrid syntax of some disastrous language like LaTeX?

Well, without further ado, I introduce m4, a “language agnostic” POSIX macro processor, developed by none-other than the famous K&R (need I say more).

Warning: m4 is addictive.

Presenter: Logan McLintock, Australian Taxation Office

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