Exploring Biodiversity Data

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31 July 2020

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03:00PM AEST

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04:00PM AEST

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Exploring Biodiversity Data

The CSIRO provides web services that enable websites such as the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) to allow people to explore CSIRO data in a user friendly way. For example:

    · Users can search through species records – https://biocache.ala.org.au

    · Users can search on species names & taxonomy – https://bie.ala.org.au

The data contained within the ALA has been fully parsed, processed and augmented with consistent taxonomic, geolocation and climate/environmental data. Our data API provides access to over 85+ million species occurrence records as well as taxonomic and scientific name information for over 200,000 species, complete with geospatial, taxonomic and temporal searching & filtering as well as bulk downloads for use “offline”.

Join this session to hear about a use case with CSIRO Open Data.

Presented by: Sathish Sathya Moorthy

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