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Jurisdiction: Australian Capital Territory

How can we use data to help Canberra recover from the bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic and foster a city that is resilient against future disruptions?

The bushfires, hailstorm and COVID-19 pandemic have had economic, health and social impacts on our community. People have had to adjust the way they work, learn, play and connect with services and each other. Some of these changes will be long lasting - we may need additional community services, we may require different employment/skills, we may require different urban planning strategies and we may need different methods to move people and goods around our city.

Our Youth Hacker prize will be for the project that best shows how you’ve used data to build a picture of how Canberra can become a more resilient city and reduce the impact of future disruptions. The project will show a picture of Canberra in some or all of the following areas:

• Transport
• Health
• Community Services
• Employment and skills
• Environment and planning
• Digital Inclusion

Additional Information:

For example - What critical services are needed for the greater wellbeing and economic prosperity of our community? How can re-skilling people reduce impact of unemployment? What are the urban planning requirements for our CBD and suburbs? What is the impact on the environment as we return to our normal lives and how can we ensure the impact on the environment is sustainable? What infrastructure changes are required to support the way we work in the future and ensure people aren’t disadvantaged in a more digital city?

Eligibility Majority of team members need to be attending a Canberra-based school – up to and including Year 12 AND Must use at least ONE relevant/related dataset from

Entry: Challenge entry is only available to teams in Australian Capital Territory.

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